Welcome to LoveGrown Hemp!

Welcome to LoveGrown Hemp!

Full-spectrum hemp that is phytocannabinoid-rich

Certified by the Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener’s Association (MOFGA)

Proudly Featuring.

About Us

Quality Comes First!

LoveGrown Agricultural analysis LLC is trying to revitalize commercial hemp as being a viable commodity that is agricultural. We’re re-building a market right right here in Maine by using research boffins and technology innovators, partnering with neighborhood farmers and skillfully developed to be able to develop and circulate certified seed stock – along with a rich number of the best quality natural CBD-rich hemp services and products – to match local and local markets.

Hemp Helps!

Our manufacturer product line is produced with adherence to seem medical concepts and carefully-crafted meals in a fully-licensed and lab kitchen that is certified. We follow cGMP guidelines and greatest methods and always utilize the finest quality, organically-certified components whenever using our organically-grown hemp.

Our Promise for your requirements

Our farms are examined by our neighborhood natural agency that is certifying well once the Maine Department of Agriculture on a yearly basis. Our hemp plants are grown with quality in mind right from the start, all of the way to harvest time, from sowing to reaping, the reward could be the quality that is finest, hand-crafted hemp items available today. Maine quality, LoveGrown quality – we have been title you can rely on.

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Agricultural organizations like LoveGrown through the”get that is popular. get maine!” marketing program. The internet site, www.getrealmaine.com comes with a searchable database of farms which list apples, berries, specialty meals along with other farm items, and offers instructions and maps to get Maine meals and farms.

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Hemp is a supply of nourishment

Healing with Food – Cannabis is Food

The component that is active of cannabis plant are known as phytocannabinoids (“phyto” meaning plant and “cannabinoid” referring into the variety of receptor within our cells which accept these substances). There are numerous forms of phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol or CBD that is the main cannabinoid inside our specially-selected varietals of “industrial hemp.” Phytoannabinoids have already been proven to prevent tumefaction development and kill cancer tumors cells in diagnostic tests. We work with a wide range of clients whom go for cannabis as a substitute and adjunct therapy during their cancer care.*

Epilepsy and CBD

Hemp flowers contain antispasmodic characteristics which unwind muscles and also have proved to be a treatment that is effective seizures. Full-spectrum cannabis oils created from industrial hemp flowers which are full of cannabidol (CBD), like LoveGrown Botanical Hemp Oil, would be the chosen form.*

Chronic Soreness

Clients whom suffer from chronic pain due to diabetic issues, cancer tumors, MS, HIV, as well as other diseases have now been embracing cannabis in an effort to treat their pain with no utilization of addicting medications that are pharmaceutical. Every person are now able to access CBD-rich cannabis formulations made of hemp flowers, and spectrum that is full like LoveGrown Botanical Hemp Oil would be best!*

All of us Helps Make the Difference!

We started our journey as cannabis educators, caregivers and impassioned governmental activists in 2011 and also landed right right here as hemp farmers and industry leaders in 2018. We regularly work tirelessly to make sure that our LoveGrown items are always the really quality that is highest you can aquire pure cbd oil for sale, by simply making a consignment to growing our plants in certified organic soil. We certify and examine our plants through the Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener’s Association on a yearly basis and now we craft our formulations in a fully-certified lab kitchen that is clean. Our vow to your clients that are medical now for your requirements, beyond the boundaries of Maine –

LoveGrown Hemp is a brandname you’ll trust.

Our company is proudly certified by the Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener’s Association (MOFGA) as clean cannabis manufacturers and hemp farmers. Our company is proud to guide the state ahead in organic soil creation of commercial hemp, Cannabis sativa L.

The MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis System

Our hemp is grown by farmers whose land is certified by MOFGA and who worry about quality. Our breathtaking MC3-certified plants are then prepared in accordance with manufacturing that is good (GMP) in a completely licensed and examined facility.

LoveGrown hemp items are carefully-crafted to be potent and effective.

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